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Welcome to the Faculty Research Center

We are pleased that you have entered the website of the Faculty Research Center in the College of Education at N.A.U. We believe that scholarship activities form the central professional responsibility that distinguishes university faculty from other professionals. As such, we created the F.R.C. in 2004 to facilitate faculty scholarship that reflects the goals of the College and the professional disciplines comprising the college. This website is designed to make research resources available to our faculty. Moreover, the website provides a mechanism to share the valuable scholarly contributions that our faculty are making to their professions. Please browse through our site and come back again in the future as we are continually adding information.


William E. Martin, Jr., Ed. D.
Professor of Educational Psychology
Senior Scholar, Faculty Research Center

F.R.C. Training and Informational Activities.
The Faculty Research Center (COE 134, 928.523.5314) will be open each day of the week during the 2008 spring semester. If you would like assistance please contact Dr. William Martin at William.Martin@nau.edu.

Joanne Stucjus Consultation Visits to COE
Spring Semester 2008

Joanne Stucjus, Grant and Contract Administrator, from the NAU Office of Grant and Contract Services is available to talk with faculty about grant opportunities in the C.O.E. Regents Library and Faculty Reading Room on the following Thursdays from 1:30-2:30.

January 31
February 14, 28
March 13
April 24
May 8, 22
COE Faculty Research Symposium
Faculty Travel Grant
The Faculty Travel Grant program is now available for C.O.E. faculty. For more information, please contact your department Chair.

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